📄 Forms Piece Enhancement

Hello again :smile:

We recently improved our forms piece in multiple regards.
Here are the improvements included in our latest version:

  1. The spacing between inputs is now much more better, and the description is now collapsable.

  2. File inputs now work as they should be, files submitted weren’t being sent.

  3. We added links so the flow creator can display the published version of the form, and the draft version of the flow easily without confusion.

Let us hear what you think about the forms piece and if there’s something you would like to see next :left_speech_bubble:

Until next time :dark_sunglasses:


Hi Abdul
What would be really great for me is to be able to use the form in iframe, but without having the background and the image of the little dots behind, just the form. Do you think it would be possible?

Hello there @Stephane_Leforestier, sorry for the late reply, but no, you can’t do that, simply because of the domain difference, unless you are hosting your own instance at the same domain as the website you want the iframe to be on, then you could edit it using JS.

Note: You can use an iframe and give it a link to your form just fine, the answer is regarding editing the background.

However it is something we might be considering in the future, could you please elaborate further on your use case or need for such a feature?

Not OP, but I have a use case for this:

Having static sites that need a contact form. Instead of having to use a service for it, I could embed the AP form. That way, we can use it in the “style” of the site (or at least in a neutral-style).

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First of all - again and again. super amazing piece! :muscle: :heart_eyes:

For us it would be super great to use a kind of

1.)Multiple Choice Field +
2.) Fields incl. conditions (e.g. contion = if field MultiplceChoise Option1 is selected → a specific filed will hide).
3.) A field where the enduser can sign with his signature → stored as an image value

Is there any info what and when the next update for “Forms” will be release ? Would be great to know - for me this is a super smart feature please improve on here :wink: