Formcan Submission added to Acumbamail email list

Hello, I need assistance with setting up an automation. My knowledge level is beginner. I have a form on FormCan which I would like to add the submission to an email list on Acumbamail. I only want to add them if they check my “add to newsletter” box on the form. Would you please provide some guidance?

Welcome to the community, Joshua!

For your requirement with FormCan and Acumbamail, here’s a step-by-step guide to set up the automation:

  1. FormCan Webhook: Start by using a webhook as trigger in Activepieces. In FormCan you should be able to add the webhook to trigger on every form submission. This webhook will send the data to Activepieces whenever someone submits your form.

  2. Activepieces Branch Step: In Activepieces, use a branch step to check if the “add to newsletter” box was checked in the form submission. This step will ensure that only those who opt-in for the newsletter are added to your Acumbamail list.

  3. Integrate with Acumbamail API: Once the branch condition is met (i.e., the user has opted in), you can then add them to your Acumbamail email list using their API. Here is the relevant API documentation for Acumbamail: Acumbamail API - Add Subscriber.

Although this might seem a bit challenging if you’re new to using Activepieces and APIs, it’s definitely achievable. If you encounter any specific issues or need further assistance with the steps, feel free to ask here!

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