Form trigger by Activepieces? What do you think?

We know that many Activepieces users start their flows with forms: Google Forms, Typeform, Gravity Forms or other homemade forms.

If you built such flows with Activepieces, we’re curious:

  1. Which forms product do you use? Why this one?
  2. What use cases make you start automations with forms?
  3. Can you screenshot your flow that starts with a form?
  4. Do you think we should spend time on making this built-in? You choose Form as the trigger and configure your form within the builder rather than creating the form with another product? Why do (or don’t) you think so?

We are exploring whether we should add a Form trigger and what this trigger should be about.


  1. FormNX (AS LTD offer and devs’ committment to develop based on community feedback)

  2. Collect medical patient forms, leads - both for clients and as deliverables (with inclusion/exclusion criteria)

  3. AP flows are a WIP, but they all start with collecting webhooks into saving responses into a Google Sheet

  4. Yes a native solution would be awesome, but only if it has a substantial subset of features. For example, the ability to draw a signature is crucial for my use-case. You could explore something like OpnForm (open source) to get started though as it would give you a fantastic base!

  1. Opnforms, open source and they are developing integration with Activepieces.(personally use the hosted version)

  2. Personal data, company data and ministry data and booking data for events and teachings (hope to see payments available soon wit Opnforms)

  3. Have yet to make a flow, waiting for integration which Activepieces.

  4. Will probably still use Opnforms, as my team has acces to it. Don’t “trust” them to use activepieces. My preference would be close integration with Opnforms. But that’s up to you guys.

I would love a native form piece in ActivePieces. But has to be right, of course :slight_smile:

1.- I use Jetpack forms. It is very flexible, allows me to send emails to several simultaneous emails and can be embeded anywhere in WP. It also allows me to modify the subject of the email and gives me the IP of the sender. The only problem is that it has no API, so I start my flow (below) reading the emails (IMAP piece) sent by the form. So a native piece would reduce my flow by one step.

2.- I collect information from users and react based on the information sent. I read the email searching for certain words and then respond in different languages and with different responses depending on the subject words I get.

3.- Below. It doesn’t start with a form because I couldn’t find the right form builder yet. I collect the info in Jetpack forms, send it to an email address and then I start the flow picking up the email with the IMAP piece and so on.

4.- Yes, would love it. A simple form that embeds well in WP and gives flexibility in the fields collected would be nice. I’d choose the form as the trigger and would prefer to configure it with shortcodes in WP. For instance, the jetpack form I use has this format: [contact-form to=“,,” submit_button_text=‘SEND’ subject=“Codes - {Choose your country:}”][contact-field label=“email where you want to receive the answer” type=“email” required=“1”][contact-field label=“Choose your country:” type=“select” required=“1” options=“Business 1,Business 2”] By sending this form you agree to our terms & policies[/contact-form]

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I use Foundation stacks to build out the forms for my websites. (Note: I am also the developer of this product). It’s a drag-n-drop/no-code website builder based on the open source Foundation framework (which I also maintain).

Here is a preview of some of it’s form capabilities: Forms | Foundation 6 Stacks for RapidWeaver

I and the users of my products use webhooks to integrate into AP. It works perfectly. However, I could see that a simple form builder could be a very nice addition for some users. However, form building can take you down a very deep rabbit hole. So I would keep it simple and cover the 80%. If users want more complex forms, then they can use a dedicated tool.

2nd this motion on both software counts… using our own flow builder as well, so anything you can do to create 3rd party form triggers would be awesome. I wouldn’t waste time building a native internal form other than Name, Email, Phone for API calls. Other than that, let the form builders build beautiful forms.

I use Formaloo which submits to Google Sheets, and then I get the data from there.