Form submission error (for Jotform)

Hi everyone,
I have setup something that seems straight forward but does not work in two aspects:

Here is the setup:
As a trigger there is a new form submission in jotforms that has a handfull of fields including a file upload (the form works and all is correct on the form builders dashboard)

Issue 1:
In subseqent steps the form fields content cannot be used as variables (it is all concatenated in one field both in the pretty view and the raw view)
→ I would have expected to be each field input be available, typically in an array or so

Issue 2:
There is no way to handle the uploaded file (e.g. to save it to somewhere or similar).
→ I would have expected to be available on the following steps to use as input

Here is a screenshot:
Any hints on how that would work. Like this it seem unuseable.
Kind regards

Hi @Kai,

Could you please screenshot or paste the webhook output? you can expend the field.

And also screenshot the “data to insert” part from the expanded view, this gives us more information to work with.

KR Bram

Hi Bram,
Here is the output (json cannot be attached, I have anonymized some parts, you will see).
The insert data can only be screenshot in 2 parts.

Kind regards

I think I have solution for you, at first use the “Split text piece” to split all text in the rawrequest array, use a “,” as separator. This will split the array. And I also think the URL with the doc like below will be visible there too.

Can you try that? or maybe you can send me the data in the raw Request? i can give it a try here too. can be anonymized, that’s fine.

Hi Bram,
I am not sure what you need from me as “raw data”.
The text splitter is not a way I would want to go. There might also be commas in the user input at some point.

Text splitting should not be the way to go for data that originally had a structured setup IMHO.

Kind regards

I understand you don’t want to go there, Is it possible to change settings in Jotform to not receive this as an Array?

“rawRequest”: “{"slug":"submit\/240502232535343","jsExecutionTracker":"build-date-1708422324370=>init-started:1708423425620=>validator-called:1708423425629=>validator-mounted-true:1708423425629=>init-complete:1708423425632=>interval-complete:1708423446645=>onsubmit-fired:1708423481575=>submit-validation-passed:1708423481585","submitSource":"form","buildDate":"1708422324370","q18_schreibenSie":"https:\/\/\/career-advice\/resume-samples\/marketing-manager","q19_schreibenSie19":"ich will kein Anschreiben schreiben","q8_message":"ne, alles gut, nix weiteres","q3_name":{"first":"kai2","last":"testq"},"q4_email4":"01234567-anonymized","q23_schreibenSie23":["Ich stimme der Verarbeitung meiner Daten ausdr\u00fccklich zu"],"event_id":"1708423425620_240502232535343_0Hba8B7","timeToSubmit":"20","temp_upload":{"q2_uploadYour":["cv example.pdf"]},"file_server":"emea-app-xmdj","validatedNewRequiredFieldIDs":"{\"new\":1,\"id_18\":\"ht\",\"id_2\":\"up\",\"id_3\":\"te\",\"id_4\":\"ka\",\"id_23\":\"Ic\"}","path":"\/submit\/240502232535343","uploadYour":["https:\/\/\/uploads\/01234567-anonymized\/240502232535343\/5842326800215287428\/cv%20example.pdf"]}”,

Not that I know but I can double check.

there is no option to change anything on jotform.
To me it also seems the right application of using an array if there is an array of field values.

What you expect instead of an array?

I would expect the following:

“field _1”:“value 1”
“field_2”:“value 2”

maybe one check, when expanding the data insert field like your second screenshot, it sometimes it not possible to see the lowest items, is there any other information in?

in the non-expanded version there are two more lines that say “array” as a string…

To me that looks like the error that the array actually gets converted into the string “array” in serveral places.

If I am not mistaken in many other data structures arrays are expandable on activepieces to drill down.

that is from a google sheet as source.

Yeah interesting about the string array, also as i would expect more users to use Jotform…

Maybe the AP team can help? @abuaboud

Hi @Kai,

It seems that JotForm doesn’t send the raw request in JSON format. Use ASK AI in the code snippet, then add the raw request in the input and test the function. It should parse the text, and the fields should show up in the dropdown for data insertion.

Please let me know if that works.

Thank you.

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