FlowTrack Intergration


*Create Contact - Creates a new contact
*Update Contact - Updates an existing contact
*Create Calendar Event - Creates a new calendar event
*Update Calendar Event - Updates an existing calendar event
*Delete Calendar Event - Deletes an existing calendar event
*Add Tags To Contact - Add tags to existing contact
*Add Contact Note - Adds note to existing contact
*Create Item - Creates a new item inside pipeline
*Update Item - Updates existing item inside a pipeline
*Delete Item - Deletes existing item inside a pipeline
*Search Contact - search existing contact by email

  • Triggers you’d like to see
    *None at this time

  • Use case you have in a real business setup
    CRM system for lead generation

They have API - should be easy to set up.

Pabbly has it here - https://www.pabbly.com/connect/integrations/flowtrack/