Flows stuck in Running all day

I saw earlier today on the status page that there was Worker slowness but this issue is marked as resolved. (Worker Slow Processing - Incident details - Activepieces Status)

However, my Flow has many instances that are still in Running state all day today. How do I get these to actually run now? Unfortunately my flow is time sensitive so I’m going to lose data due to this.

Hi @lane

I don’t think it’s related to the incidence, I asked them to investigate it.

It’s probably related to the flow it self, for example If it uses a lot of memory that crash the process or have code snippets.

The team will take look and reply soon, Is it only happening to one flow? can you provide more information about the flow?

What is the approximate memory limit? This Flow does download an image generated by ChatGPT to upload to AWS S3.

Is there a better way to do this?

Is there a way I can kill those processes?

Hi @lane

Let’s me check with the team, but the process for sure are no longer running they are just stuck on “Running Status”, you can safely ignore them, If you want to get rid of them duplicate the flow and delete the old one.

Do you use webhooks, How big is the payload you sent?