Flow stuck with "your published flow has a problem" error message

One of my flows added a blank version at the top of its history - no idea why. It won’t let me revert to the correct version and it’s displaying this error message:

Please contact support as your published flow has a problem

I can’t delete the blank version and I can’t revert to the old version, so I can’t edit the flow. I also can’t duplicate it because it copies the blank version instead of the old one. Any help?

Edit: here’s some more info. If I try to make any changes to the blank top-level version, it displays this message:

You have unsaved changes on this page due to network disconnection.

If I try to revert to the correct previous version or make any changes to the buggy version, it sends a request that fails with code TRIGGER_DISABLE

Sorry to hear that, please send us your email and flow link at support@activepieces.com

I just sent the email. Thanks!

This has been fixed :smiling_face: back then.

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