Flow Schedule Frequency

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I’m creating a flow using IMAP as my trigger and the flow automatically checks my inbox every ten minutes, which is great if I needed it that timely. However, once an hour is fine and I don’t see that option. I tried using the schedule but that replaces IMAP as the trigger event and I can’t add a step for IMAP after since the flow has started and the trigger is defined already. Is there a way I can solve this and reduce the frequency of the flow? The reason I ask is one flow in this example would run 6 times an hour, 24 hours in a day, 30 times a month which equates to roughly 4,500 flows executed in a month and that is a significant number.


I have decided to use a different automation tool to solve this issue and everything works fine. Would be good to get the answer but no longer urgent.


Hi @OmniGnostiC

The trigger doesn’t count toward your tasks unless it’s actually triggered (on new email), It’s not possible yet to reduce the frequency of the trigger, but this is something we will do eventually.

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This makes sense. Thanks @abuaboud

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