Flow runs twice

Hello All,
I just started experiencing a Bug where one of my flows runs twice simultaneously. I have deleted and rebuilt the flow with the same results. Can anyone give me any pointers on where to look?

Hi @Christian_DeRamos

Can you please share more information about the flow? what is the trigger? did it show publishing failed any at time?

Thank you,

As far as I know publishing hasn’t failed. it was working fine but now it is running double.

The trigger is the scheduler.

I solved this by exporting the flow, deleting it, and then reimporting it with a new name.

Then, I disabled the line and reenabled it and it started double triggering again. Hopefully, I can get the software I am using’s devs to add a webhook option for me.

I forgot to mention we are using Self-Hosted version 0.20.2

Hi @Christian_DeRamos

This is fixed in the next release, there is stale flow detector It wasn’t working before.

Awesome, thank you! I appreciate you all fixing things so quickly

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