Flow Issue: Unexpected Task Consumption and Multiple Executions

I noticed a problem with a flow that used 50 tasks instead of the expected three when I ran it. Even after a successful initial run, it continues to execute multiple times.

Please send email to support@activepieces.com with your account and details.

they stopped replying

Hi @Eric

I took look at logs, It’s different payload coming from third party service, so the flow is executing with different requests, that’s mean third party service is sending the request it has nothing to do with retry if failed.

You can click on the run and click on trigger step, take look at the body.



How do I prevent the third party from constantly sending requests?

I am using lead connector (gohighlevel)

@Eric you can click on arrow near the flow name and duplicate it you will get new webhook url and then delete the old flow

I am using the actual piece now (leadconector) and it is still running more tasks than intended.