Flow is running for a long time and no action

Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 4.51.01 PM

The flow is running for a long time after it has been triggered from Google Forms.

Only when clicked on “Test Flow” it is working immediately. When “Test Flow” is clicked on, it is processing the other “Running” flows instantly.


@chiranjeevi Can you please DM me the flow run ids?

I’m getting the same issue with a huge delay - at the moment its stuck

Hi @chiranjeevi and @anubistar

I saw there was around 10 minutes delay, I still need to check whether it’s the third party API took long or the flow, but from first glance it seems both as there were spike of traffic in around 4 hours ago from now.

We are working on the new architecture to scale higher, but things are moving faster than we anticipate

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