Flow is fine, tested and works great BUT not working on trigger

I have a flow where its write article into the wordpress using gpt, and the test flow works great and was working great as well but now its not working…

my assumption, i have deleted fields from the google sheet and after the deletion next row action should work like charm but i guess system is getting confused here…

what should i do now?

flow is working fine on test, but not publishing anything on WP

Hi @mirzajhanzaib So you deleted rows and the new rows are added in their place? In this case, you could publish the flow again to reset the pointer. Let me know whether it works.

@ashrafsam tried but stil now working somehow!

Can you elaborate? I don’t understand your comment @mirzajhanzaib

sorry for the delay in response. i got it somehow resolved and no further issue is occuring

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