Flow Fails but there is no error in the run

Flow fails but there is no error, it happens when the next step is Google Sheets.

ID: Run failed (CgVkRTIrbnLcgA1R3Lpe2)

Hi @Bram,

Sometimes, if logs are too large, we try to trim them to fit a certain size to avoid overloading the database and slowing it down significantly. (For context, we had an incident that wasn’t visible to the users, but the database resources were close to 100% and resizing the database wouldn’t solve the issue, single user can make it reach 100% easily.) So, this quick solution was introduced to prevent any downtime.

A contributor came and made this log trimmer smart, now it starts cutting large messages first while trying to keep other information intact.

Could you please let me know if it happens again?

Link to the pull request

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Good man, the less downtime, the better lol. Thanks!

Sure! Thanks for implementing this fix. Will let you know when it happens again.