Feedly & VBOUT Integration

Feedly & VBOUT Integration

It would be good to automate social media activity between Feedly and VBOUT. Here’s what I’m suggesting:

Actions: Push new Feedly article to VBOUT (Social Media Module) where it is either Published straightaway, scheduled, or added as a Task (Pipeline). It would send to any or all of the social media platforms we’re signed up to.

Triggers you’d like to see: when a Feedly article is added to a Board it is automatically either sent to VBOUT as a task (so that we can go in and add hashtags etc) or published either immediately or added to the queue to be published at a later date/time

Use case you have in a real business setup: - when I’m choosing the top articles from Feedly I’m currently having to manually publish to social media for each article. It would be good if this could happen automatically instead to save time. Further examples can be found here: Add New Feedly Article From a Category to Buffer Queue - but instead of Buffer, VBOUT.

This is a great idea!

Not only Feedly, but Stori.press too!