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Hi guys,

New to activepieces, loving it so far.

I’m having an issue with uploading featured image from dall-e to Wordpress.

Getting error 500

Any idea how to solve this?

I couldn’t find media uploading feature to Wordpress either, just create post etc.


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How are you generating the image via Dall-E?

Hi, did you manage to resolve this? I’m having an issue with the upload featured image to wordpress too.

@Ray I was struggling getting the image to show on posts. When creating post using WP module, I used html . However, like pixabay and pexels, it is only viable for a short time. I found this link How to fix "Sorry, you are not allowed to upload this file type" error in WordPress - SiteGround KB. Which help to get featured image uploaded, and it worked, but again it only showed on post for a short time. Also, the actual image did not upload. Just a temp no extension file was created.
I saw another post here, somewhere, on about the same issue with uploading image via link, but I cannot find it now. Once I figure it out, then I will find the post again. Lol.

Hope this helped guide you a bit, and others.

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