Feature Request - Enhanced Google My Business Actions

Google My Business Actions - Schedule updates, offers, events and photos

At the moment, ActivePieces only lets you create or update replies for Google My Business reviews. I believe there’s a chance to improve this by adding more actions. Specifically, it would be helpful to include actions to add updates, offers, events and photos. Thanks!

I’d love to see the Google My Business functionalities available at make integrated into ActivePieces.


  • Watch Posts
  • List Posts
  • Get a Post
  • Create a Post
  • Update a Post
  • Delete a Post


  • Watch Reviews
  • Create/Update a Review Reply (This is the only action currently available in ActivePieces Google My Business Piece)


  • Search Locations
  • Get a Location
  • Upload a Media Item
  • Accept/Decline an Invitation


  • Make custom API Call

Please check below article on setup and actions available from make:


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