Feature request - Digest

Digest (like Zapier’s Digest)

This is an integration that Zapier launched and works great. It captures info from multiple events in your workflows and collects them in a single summary that can be sent to any piece in another workflow.

Here’s more info from Zapier: Digest by Zapier - Integration Help, Tutorials & Support | Zapier

So, for example, you can create a flow that collects all tweets from a user, and then release them all once per week in another flow —so you can send them to ChatGPT and ask for a summary, for example.

For example, I have a first automation which ends with a Digest step that collects all news posts from my Discourse community.

Then, I have a second automation that triggers every week and releases that digest (all that week’s Discourse posts), sends them to ChatGPT and asks for a summary:

I think that is a great feature and would help us a lot in many of our ActivePiece’s flows.