Feature Request: Buffer Integration for ActivePieces


I want to propose the integration of Buffer with ActivePieces. Buffer is a widely used social media management platform offering a range of functionalities for content scheduling, analytics, and engagement across various social networks. This integration would significantly enhance ActivePieces’ capabilities, especially for digital marketing and social media management users.

Actions and Triggers

The following actions and triggers, similar to those available in Zapier’s Buffer integration, would be beneficial:


  1. Create/Update Post: Ability to create or update scheduled posts on different social media platforms.

  2. Delete Post: Facilitate deleting scheduled or already published posts.

  3. Post Immediately: Allow users to bypass the schedule and post content directly.

  4. Retrieve Analytics: Access analytics data for specific posts or overall account performance.


  1. New Post Scheduled: Trigger when a new post is scheduled in Buffer.

  2. Post Published: Activate when a post is successfully published on social media.

  3. Profile Updated: Trigger when there’s any update or change in the linked social media profiles.

Use Case in a Real Business Setup

  • Social Media Management: Enables seamless scheduling and management of social media content across different platforms directly from ActivePieces.

  • Content Strategy Analysis: Facilitates social media performance analysis, helping refine content strategies based on engagement metrics.

  • Automated Workflow: Streamlines the workflow by automating social media posts and updates, saving time and resources.

Additional Feature Suggestions

  • Integration with Analytics Tools: Alongside basic Buffer functionalities, integrating advanced analytics tools within ActivePieces could provide deeper insights into social media performance.

  • Customisable Post Templates: Offering customisable templates within the integration for various social media posts.


The integration of Buffer with ActivePieces would enhance the functionality of ActivePieces and provide users with an efficient, all-in-one platform for managing their social media presence. It aligns with the needs of digital marketers and social media managers looking for streamlined and effective tools for their social media strategies.