Facebook revoked our business verification

@ashrafsam have you submitted a ticket here? i had a problem with my WhatsApp cloud API, I submitted a ticket here and I did talk to a human, sorry if you did this already :pray:

Hello @ashrafsam - Is this completely out of the scope ?



I would also like to know.




Any updates on this? It’s a must for us, can’t fully migrate to Activepieces until this happens.


hey i don’t know why its says my app id and secret is not correct because they are definately correct. has the issue with facebook resolved please?

Any news on the Facebook Leads piece ? It is really a must and the only reason I bought Activepieces… A bit bulled there is zero progress, and the homepage of Activepieces still lists Facebook as an integration.

Facebook Leads still do not work through Activepieces, but Meta finally released a direct integration to Google Sheets! So you can have your data straight to a Google Sheet - and if needed, use Activepieces to trigger further actions, like sending an email notifications


Hi there! I’ve been searching everywhere in Meta for that native integration with Google Sheet, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way. However, if you have any documentation or video resources explaining this feature, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share them with us. Having additional resources would be tremendously useful! Thank you in advance!

Hello @Verxame,
There is a new tool on Appsumo : Boost.space.
I just bought this week, didn’t have the time to try it yet, but they have a valide Facebook integration.

Unfortunately, it looks like Active Pieces has given up on Facebook.
They didn’t update this thread since Dec 23…
I can understand their frustration, but the Facebook integration was the primary reason a lot of us bought this tool, so we are a bit frustrated as well…