Facebook revoked our business verification

Creating an app is an option but we design Activepieces for no-code users so I don’t like to complicate things. Let’s see where this goes, if it fails I think we need to publish some tutorials on using Facebook pieces with your own app.

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So far, Facebook Leads seems to be working. This is not an official announcement but you can try this on our cloud for the time being. Make sure not to rely on it as our business verification might fail again later, but you can play around with it.


Well, hopefully, if it stays that way, we can get a bit more functionality for LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, sharing posts, replying to comments, messenger, you name it.

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Verification is revoked as usual :cry:

WTAF that is messed up, man. Meta needs to sort it out. Ridiculous.

@here Since the last rejection, I resubmitted the documents quickly and the status changed again to “Verified” the next day. We’ve been verified for a week now (Since Nov 17, 2023).

Again, I don’t want to celebrate this as they might revoke the status again soon,. Meanwhile, I’ll try to understand whether we are arriving at a real verification status or not.

Facebook Leads should be working now if you try it out.


@ashrafsam - I guess it was a nice 12 days run :smiling_face_with_tear: Doesn’t seem to be working anymore ? Did they revoke again ?

@radu You’re right, unfortunately. I’ll leave this for now and revisit it later to see how we can do it.

Hi @ashrafsam,

So is it safe to say that any of these (highlighted in red) won’t work now while the status has since been revoked again?

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@GunnerJnr Have a look at this thread…

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@joeworkman thanks, so I can create an app for using Instagram and FB, is it safe to assume this will be the case for LinkedIn also?

LinkedIn does not have anything to do with Facebook. I had no issues getting LinkedIn working.

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@joeworkman you are correct. I didn’t realise Microsoft purchased it from FB in 2016.

I only enquired because that is the most important platform to me.

Thanks for your help. Appreciate it.

Can we talk in personal! Maybe I can help. email me if I not respond hi@yesbhautik.co.in

@ashrafsam I know that you want to have things more simple for no-code users, but still - having my own app that allows me to use the pieces is preferable to not having any connection at all. Would it be possible to have the own-app-solution in the meantime you are waiting for Meta to step up their service-game (which might take ages)?

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@ashrafsam have you submitted a ticket here? i had a problem with my WhatsApp cloud API, I submitted a ticket here and I did talk to a human, sorry if you did this already :pray:

Hello @ashrafsam - Is this completely out of the scope ?



I would also like to know.




Any updates on this? It’s a must for us, can’t fully migrate to Activepieces until this happens.


hey i don’t know why its says my app id and secret is not correct because they are definately correct. has the issue with facebook resolved please?