Facebook Pages - Not listing all on the AP dropdown

Is there something I can do on my end that will fix this as I would like to post to some of my FB pages, but while it shows some, it doesn’t show them all. I have given AP permission for all pages, but not all show up on the dropdown when I need to select a page to post. Please advise.

Did you verify your business from the Facebook side for these pages?

Yes. Business is verified.

Mmm I have the same but some pages are not business verified so would expect that to be the issue.

Did you try it via the the dynamic value? The ‘x’ on the right and then entering the Page ID? If the back end is set-up correctly this should also work

Hi @Rex

I need help with this issue, If you have time let’s do 15 minutes call so we can debug it together.

Dm’d you my calendar link.

Thank you,

Hi @Rex

Can you reconnect your account, It should be working now.

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