Extracting Date and Scheduling a Chat GPT response

Hi All,

I’m building an SMS chatbot and want to have a function where if a user requests a followup or reminder on a certain date, the application will schedule a message for the user on that date. It would use the prior chat history with chat GPT to send a relevant reminder based on the prior conversations. Chat GPT has been able to recognize that a user wants a followup on a time and date I just need a way for the workflow to extract that and schedule it.

Currently I have this:

I’m guessing that the date would need to be extracted from chat GPT’s response, before the reply is sent. When I’ve tested the conversations with chat GPT it will confirm it has scheduled a message (even though it cant yet).

I imagine the flow would be something like this, though I don’t know how to best implement it:
GPT Receives, interprets and drafts reply to message > If the GPT message contains a date and time the customer wants a reminder, then a new SMS calling from the chat history, generated by chat GPT will be sent on that date.

I hope what I’m trying to do is clear enough. I searched the history but couldn’t find much on what I’m trying to do.