External API to woocommerce

Has anyone tried to connect external API(such as online accounting software or something like that) and woocommerce e-store to port products and synchronize inventory/prices etc?

Just like syncspider do it:

Any examples and thoughts would be welcome,

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What do you aim to achieve? You can likely just use the WooCommerce piece. Alternatively, you can always resort to a webhook, the API, or an HTTP request to accomplish nearly everything.


Thank you for the answer.

Let say my products inserted in my business software and need to sync them to woo shop using business software API. Example connect to that API
And in addition, it is necessary to synchronize the inventory of these products + send the orders to the business software when the purchase is made from the woo store.

I won’t name a competitor, but look how easy it is made here:

You get connection and map fields and set the timing and done.

There are thousands of different APIs out there, and they’re all a bit different. The question is how to connect them to Woocommers through ActivePieces. Starting with that API connection I gave as an example above?

Is this even possible in ActivePieces? If yes, then could the good fellows of the commune help me with that al little bit?

Many thanks in advance!

Hello @Ilustria ,

You can use HTTP piece to send request to business software API. You have to configure headers,authentication (if have) and content-type.

Let me know if you have any doubts about this approach.


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Thank You on that info!

Are there also options to map data for incoming API data? How to do that?

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@Ilustria ,

If you wish to route incoming API data to a new property, you can utilize the Data Mapper piece. For text data manipulation, the Text Helper piece is available. Additionally, you can refer to the Passing Data guide for comprehensive information on accessing data across various steps.

Many thanks for the information!

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