Exciting updates to Webhooks

Good day, Activepiecers!

We’ve got some fantastic updates to share with you all regarding our webhook functionality. :rocket:

Now, you can enjoy seamless testing of your flows with sample data without any hiccups and here is how it works: we’ve introduced two webhook URLs within the trigger configuration. :arrows_counterclockwise:

  1. Test URL: Saves your provided test data to the trigger event table without triggering the actual flow execution. Perfect for testing and experimenting!
  2. Production URL: Saves the data to the trigger event table, checks for a published version of the flow, and if one exists, triggers the published flow execution. All smooth sailing for your production-ready flows!

With these changes, you can now regenerate sample data without triggering the published version. :star2:

Thanks for your patience and looking forward to hearing your feedback! :speech_balloon:


Awesome! Thanks @islamaf