Excessive Run Instances – Clarification and Resolution Needed


I wanted to update you on the issue I previously reported. It turns out that the problem was due to a misunderstanding on my part about how the triggers were set up. All emails were initiating the trigger, which I hadn’t fully grasped. I am now looking into how to configure the system to only send certain emails to the trigger. My apologies for any confusion, and thank you for your support!

Hi again @Chris_Tucker , could you please direct message me your email, and also can you please take a screnshot of your runs and flow and send them here as well ?

@Abdul this is happening to me too. I’m self hosting.
It happened once, after I updated to 0.15.0, and I disabled the flows 'cause they were consuming a lot of resources on OpenAI API.

Apparently what happens is the system just run another instance of the flow (using the same run id so it shows up as 1 single run), but without the trigger data. I don’t send screenshot because, everything run fine.

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