Error Code 503 on Google Sheet

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Quota exceed on Google Sheets is stable after the “increased”. But a few minutes ago, got this as shown.

Hi @knightskid

That’s weird, Is this cloud? beacuse 503 means there is network issue on google sheets side.

Hi @abuaboud Yes, that is from my cloud account.

Hi @knightskid

I think this is outside our of control, How often did you get that? also you can use auto retry toggle and this should work.

Hi @abuaboud , sorry but I don’t understand, it is cloud account which is under your control, isn’t it?
So far only 1 time in this morning, after that, it runs smoothly. I shall monitor it.

Hi @knightskid,

Sorry, I just woke up! :smile:

The 500x error from Google Sheets indicates that the request reached their server, and they encountered an issue. This is beyond our control, as the problem occurred on their end after the request reached them.

I checked the logs, and it appears to have happened on the 21st of January. It seems they are experiencing some issues. I suggest enabling auto-retry; it should solve the problem for you.

Thank you,

Hi @abuaboud , no worry as am just puzzled as the answer is short and doesn’t make sense to me :grin:. I see…no worry…thanks a lot.:pray:

I’m getting the same error quite frequently from this step, even though I have the auto retry on and it tries another 4 times. Do you have any suggestions about how to potentially fix it?

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