Empty Response and 204 Error

Hi there

I would appreciate some help trying to resolve a Send response back to a server.

I receive a response back from chat GPT:


  "body": {
    "response": "blah blah blah."
  "status": "200",
  "headers": {}

The Run output:
{“status”:200,“body”:{“response”:“blah blah blah.”},“headers”:{}}

When I check the console on the web page I am getting a 204 error:
Status: 204 No Content

I am a bit stuck on how to solve this and would really appreciate any and all help.


Hi @Tiger

Did you append /sync to the webhook url?

Yes fetch(‘https://cloud.activepieces.com/api/v1/webhooks/specificcode/sync’, {


It seems the strange things continue. I added some more logging my end and re-ran the flow. It failed again and I will add some more logs below, however it looks like the flow was stuck running also. It timed out after 10 minutes.

Here are the logs:

[Log] Received response (appwedaddress, line 4)

body: ReadableStream {locked: false, cancel: function, getReader: function, pipeTo: function, pipeThrough: function, …}

bodyUsed: false

headers: Headers {append: function, delete: function, get: function, getSetCookie: function, has: function, …}

ok: true

redirected: false

status: 204

statusText: “No Content”

type: “cors”

url: “https://cloud.activepieces.com/api/v1/webhooks/specificurl/sync

Response Prototype






constructor: function()











Symbol(Symbol.toStringTag): “Response”

Object Prototype

Hi @Tiger and welcome to Activepieces!

To troubleshoot this:

  • Is the same run still stuck?
  • Does the flow run successfully when you click Test flow inside? How long does it take to complete?

Hi @ashrafsam

The run timed-out after 10 mins.

When I test the entire flow is just loops for a min or two and it finished successfully. Whereas when each step tested as a standalone it is fine.

Oh I see the issue for 204, I added also note in the webhook trigger now.

Currently it returns 204 If it didn’t get response within 30 seconds, as cloudflare will disconnect the connection right now.

I am curious what is the usecase? can’t you do the flow in async matter?

There are several use cases that I would happily share privately, however this particular one we want as fast as a response as possible as this is a user triggered event. Just to add that if it still has to follow the same steps it could take as long even if it is async?

Hi @Tiger It times out after 10 minutes for async flows, would still be an issue?

I should not think so. Now I understand the limitations, I can plan around this. Thanks.

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