Embed feature and multi tenancy

Hi there,

I am evaluating activepieces for our requirement. One of the key requirement for us is to embed the integration modeller into our application as an iframe. From activepieces documentation (Embedding - Activepieces) this is possible with licensing as well as manage projects is also possible with licensing.
I was wondering whether it would be possible to embed the module based on project, i.e,

  • can I map a tenant on my platform to a project to activepieces (activepieces project per tenant), and embed the iframe segregated by project? i.e, each tenant would get opportunity to work on their own integrations.
  • can I configure controls such as threshold/limits per project. i,e set limit on number of executions per project ?

Any explanation on this is much appreciated.


Hi @Sumesh these are some great questions!

The answers are simple and straightforwad: :smiley:

  • Yes, you will use the Javascript SDK to auto create the user and the project within your Platform
  • Yes, you can set the number of monthly tasks that can be consumed for each project

If you’d like to discuss the details of your specific use case, feel free to book me here: Calendly - Ashraf Samhouri

Appreciate the answers @ashrafsam , Booked a meeting and looking forward for the discussion. :slight_smile: