Elementor Webhook > Google Sheets

Hi, I’m using a simple automation.

When the form is filled out, I capture the information via webhook and send it to Google Sheets.

what I want: for column 01 of my spreadsheet to be exactly the day the form was filled out, this date/time information, Elementor does not pass it to the webhook.

Is it possible for me to do something for Active Pieces?

Yes. We have something called Inline Functions which basically allows you to write a JavaScript function in any input in the settings.

The following will render the date if you add it in the first column value:
{{ (new Date()).toLocaleDateString('en-US').replace(/\//g, '-') }}

By the way, I asked ChatGPT to write it for me. {{ }} means you will write JavaScript, and this is how I asked ChatGPT and how it responded:

Today we have released a new piece called Date Helper, It has an action to return the current date which can be used instead of code.

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