Elementor Form Integration

Form is submitted in Elementor Forms - Trigger

Just wondering, what is the specific need for an elementor form trigger? i do think you can fix this by using a webhook

Hi Bram,

Oh i see, I’ll look into the webhook feature and see if I can get the integration I need working. Thanks for the suggestion. I think most beginner users are browsing the integrations page waiting for their app to appear and aren’t familiar with webhooks.

For my use case, I would need Elementor Form data to be sent to Hubspot’s CRM to create a new contact or update existing information if they already have a record.

Yeah, once you understand the Webhook integration part and HTTPS procol as well, you can connect almost anything here with Activepieces too.

But the thing u want can easily be done, as they have the HubSpot integration

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