eBay product listing AI auto video generator and social media scheduler

Okay I’m going to try to explain this the best I can I have searched many tools to try to accomplish this but I think this might be the best one. I have an account with bubble.io my end goal would be to have an app that’s easy for me to do what I can just basically open the app password or two buttons and it does this workflow for me whenever a new product is listed on my eBay store I want an AI of some kind to take the images from that product listing and use them to create a promo video have another AI like tragedy reference the product description and create the video script then I need a third eye to take that script and convert it over to a voiceover and then I need that workflow to put all these things together and one video and then finally to post it to my Facebook and Instagram page automatically. I don’t know if something like this is possible I’ve been unable to find any tools they will do it easily if he’s one of you can help me with the workflow and how I would accomplish this much help would be appreciated thank you.