E-email auto responder?

Has anyone been able to put together an email auto responder? Looking to set something up that uses chat GPT to respond to emails through gmail.

This should be quite straightforward. Have you encountered any problems since posting in the “Need Help” section?

Yes. how can i have activePieces pull in the emails so chat gpt can respond to them? thats where i’m a little stuck. Everything else is pretty simple.

You can use the IMAP piece to use new emails as a trigger:


Oh i see! I didn’t see that earlier when i was looking at it. Thanks for clearing that up. I’ll take a crack at it in the morning. thank you so much!

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I take the opportunity of this thread to ask a quick question : when using the IMAP trigger with Gmail, the “All” Mailbox never receives anything, I have to select the “GMAIL” inbox, and i think I miss some emails (have to check more deeply). Is there an issue with my setup ?

Many thanks :pray:

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