Dropbox error connecting app

I am attempting to save Gmail attachments (receipts) to a Dropbox folder. I have IMAP setup with a new App password, so far so good. Unfortunately when I attempt to authenticate with Dropbox I receive an error

Error connecting app: This app is unable to link additional users because it has been frozen pending review"

Which seems to suggest an issue for Active Pieces and not my personal account would you say?

Hi there @nexusinfo and welcome to our community :star2:

Thanks for letting us know, we are currently in the verification process with Dropbox :smiley: you can your own Dropbox app and use it in Activepieces, click here .

Then go to their App Console so you can create your own app and paste its credentials in Activepieces.

Thanks @Abdul, I have done that and successfully connected my Dropbox app but have not managed to get the automation working in Active Pieces.

While I was searching for a solution I stumbled on Microsoft Power Automate (make.powerautomate.com). I have never used it before but was able to create an automation for free that does exactly what I need and saves my Gmail receipts to Dropbox. Literally took about 3 or 4 minutes.

If anyone has a recipe or instructions for Active Pieces I would still like to know how to get this to work.


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