Does webhooks accept incoming data or outgoing only?

i’m trying to integrate ActivePieces with Endorsal and SpreadSimple which both have Webhooks. But i’m used to using Zapier’s “get by URL” feature for Webhooks but I only see that ActivePieces has outgoing Webhook URLs. Am I missing something or does ActivePieces not accept incoming URLs for Webhooks?

You can use the “Webhook” trigger to accept incoming requests on Activepieces… Then you can use the HTTP piece to make requests to other services.

Hello @carlos , happy to see newcomers to our community :heart:

As @PFernandez98 noted, Activepieces has a webhook trigger which you could use and an http step which has a “Return response” action, but bare in mind when you use that you need to call your webhook like this <webhook_url>/sync and make sure your flow is not taking longer than 30 seconds otherwise your response will be empty, because the response is returned before your flow ends.

I hope this answers your question if not, please elaborate further more on what you mean by ongoing and outgoing webhook urls.

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