Does the HTTP request change the URL in any way?

I’m calling an API that requires everything passed as query parameters.

I have a code step that builds the URL and inserts all the query parameters. I build the URL in a code step, then execute an HTTP request using GET which is set to have no headers, no body, no query parameters… nothing. I just hit the URL I built in the previous step. The HTTP request returns successful, meaning it does hit the URL, but the call doesn’t actually work. In the app that the API calls. it shows as “bad credentials.” The super weird part is… if I copy the URL created by the previous step and paste it into a browser window, it DOES work.

Any thoughts?

Hello @trellyn , Welcome to the community :wave:,

Can you provide details for HTTP response? Is it successful and not returning any data? Do third-party apps show any details about a bad request in API logs?

The response shows successful, which is accurate. It IS a successful call in that it reaches the API. But the action it is supposed to take does not happen. The app it is calling only shows me the error message: “could not understand credentials provided.” But the “credentials” are just an API key being passed as a URL parameter. I’ve reached out to their helpdesk to see if I can get more information. I just thought you may have some insight into it. As far as I can tell, a GET request via the HTTP piece should be the same as typing it into my browser and hitting enter. But that works and the HTTP piece does not. :confused:

Hi @trellyn Can you provide the docs for this API that might help us to reproduce the issue