Disk space issue preventing AP frontend to start : story, for sharing!

Dear all,

I want to share the recent experience I had with ActivePieces front-end not running and how I get it solved, hoping it might help anyone facing a similar issue.

Problem Encountered: The ActivePieces front end wasn’t launching. I noticed the PostgreSQL container was perpetually “starting” but never actually moved to “running” status. Upon further inspection, I realized my disk space was nearly maxed out (35GB used out of 38GB).

Diagnostic Steps: I managed to identify the largest folders on my server and found that /var/lib/docker/overlay2 was consuming a significant amount of space.

Solution: To free up space, I ran the command docker image prune -a, which miraculously freed more than 24GB of disk space.

Outcome: After clearing up the disk space, all ActivePieces/Docker containers started running correctly.

I hope this helps anyone who might be facing disk space issues affecting their Docker containers and ActivePieces setup. Sometimes, the solution is as simple as cleaning up your system!

But I wonder if that’s “normal” as I only manage ActivePieces on this server, from the beginning. There’s no automatic cleanup with docker ?