Discord Help with AI

This flow allows you to create a channel in your discord server to let members talk with AI im using Straico due to not getting the 429 error. This flow is simple for the most part but can be very useful if done properly. Only issue at this time is that since activepieces on syncs every 5 minutes if a user(s) sends a message for the AI it will take some time for the AI to reply back.

This template should help anyone that has a small discord server or just want to use AI from discord and not the website

Template Url: https://cloud.activepieces.com/templates/7Fb6SM2q9Y6v4ktBkXyRg

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Hello @Death_wish, and thank you for your awesome contribution :purple_heart: welcome to our community :smile:

If you don’t mind, could you switch from Discord to something like Slack since it has an instant trigger ?

Seems that the link gives: Page not found :cry: