Differences between cloud and self-hosted features

Is there a difference in functionality between cloud and self-hosted?
I am a personal user, not an agency user.

@Takeru I believe you can compare a full breakdown here: Pricing - Activepieces just switch the toggle between cloud and self-hosted. As far as I am aware no differences, in fact, on self-hosted you get unlimited runs/tasks. Not sure if the flow limit is 1 or 5 minutes. But you still get access to all of the pieces to my knowledge.

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Hi @Takeru

Checkout Editions - Activepieces

TLDR the features that’s related for management over multiple users / projects.

An important difference is that you can run unlimited tasks if you self host Activepieces. Although our per task pricing is one of the lowest in the market, some use cases need unlimited, like monitoring messages on Discord or Slack, or reading a high volume email inbox


Self hosted : 5 minutes

@ChrisHK By default is 5 minutes, but you can change it by setting the Env Variable


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Awesome ! I didn’t noticed this var :smile:
Many thanks @PFernandez98 :pray:

In docs we read:

### Community / Open Source Edition

The Community edition is free and open source. It has all the pieces and features to build and run flows without any limitations.

(don’t you think it is untrue and misleading???)
and on pricing page there is info about $5 per user per month for free community edition…

I don’t get it.
I am concerned about data privacy when self-hosting, how my instance can be accessed by whoever is charging the monthly fee?

Hi @oskar

I think this is can be rewritten in better way as this means either the feature exists in free edition (example no limits of # flows / # tasks / # connections) with no limits or does not exist at all, the code is simply not there.

The collaboration features code doesn’t exist by default in self hosting feature until you obtain a valid license key and activate the paid edition.

Which part of data privacy concern you are worried about? there is no limits enforcement code in community edition.

Does that make sense?

Edit: The community edition is open source under the MIT license.
The paid edition is source-available under the commercial license.


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