Developer needed for new Google Drive & Google Docs actions

  1. Google Docs - adding the ability to create a document from an existing template (ultimately exporting it as a PDF)
  2. Google Drive - adding the ability to search for a folder by name - using dynamic variables - from earlier in the automation

These are both available on Zapier already for your reference.

I want them to be public once made.

Anyone who can do this, DM me and let me know how much it’ll cost roughly…thanks!

Not sure if the ActivePieces team would take care of this, but if not, I’m happy to pay someone (within reason) - including them lol - to get this done ASAP. Without the Google Drive feature in particular, I can’t use the app for my business sadly. Thanks :grinning:


@S_M I have this already on my “roadmap”… Maybe i’ll be developing it today (for free). After that, we just need the AP developers to approve it. I’ll keep you posted.

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That’d be amazing! Thanks so much, Pablo :grimacing: @PFernandez98

@S_M the “search folder” action is done. Now we wait for the developers to approve it: feat: new action for google drive: Search folder by pfernandez98 · Pull Request #3511 · activepieces/activepieces · GitHub

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Sweet! Thanks a ton! You rock! Have been using a workaround (fill a column in Google Sheets with the unique folder ID), but this will be superior for sure!

Hate to sound ungrateful for your prompt work on the Google Drive feature, but any chance you have the Google Docs template feature on your roadmap a la Zapier - that would be ultra useful as well. My use case is to fill formatted contracts / agreements with form data. I think most businesses can benefit from this and infinite other use-cases. Cheers!

Regardless, thanks again for your consideration, development and time :smiley: @PFernandez98

Make sure to get some sleep first though @PFernandez98 (health is wealth :muscle:)

According to this, I’m poor AF :sweat_smile: haha.

I’ll work on the Google Docs stuff today.

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@S_M , can you show me an example of this? How do you do it on zapier?

Hey @PFernandez98, this is a great guide on how functionality should be: How to create and autopopulate a Google Docs template | Zapier

Also, definitely keep an eye on your health brotha (sleep, exercise, nutrition, mental, etc.)

Hey @S_M I already done it. feat: new action for google docs piece: create document using template by pfernandez98 · Pull Request #3514 · activepieces/activepieces · GitHub

I had to go with [[variablename]] tho. Cause AP recognizes {{variablename}} as custom code, so. It’s the same, but using [[variablename]].

Also, this is live:


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You rock brotha! Thanks so much, let me know if I can buy you a coffee or something :facepunch::handshake:

yw bro, hope this works for ya

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Thanks again! If you can, let me know when it’s live…I’m not sure how to get notified…also when live, do I have to update the Google Docs piece, or is it automatically updated?

@S_M, it’s automatically updated (at least on my self host, i think is the same for cloud).

This is not done yet. Just letting you know. Maybe I create a new piece for that, like “PDF Converter” or something like that. So other people can use it outside of google docs. Not planning on doing it too soon tho

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I have it already, they approved this a few minutes ago.

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Totally fine, the doc template action itself is a huge help!

Is it possible to replace a variable with an image? Or is it just text? If just text, anyway you could get images in the action too?

@S_M for now just text. How do you manage to add images to the doc on zapier?

I mean, how do you set the size, or the position, or the shape, or that kind of stuff?

PS: (I don’t know if passing an url in a variable works in order to show an image. I don’t think so tho)

On zapier, I had only been using initials for signature, but with my new flows I want to use a PNG copy of signatures instead - something new I’ve been collecting in forms.

Can we somehow add HTML as a variable? That way we can insert img tags with dynamic data from earlier within the automation? I believe HTML would work inside Google Docs.

Alternatively, I read somewhere that Google Slides might be a better option to create custom docs for, since it supports images. But hoping we can remedy within Google Docs, since no AP for Google Slides exists.

Source for the two suggestions: