Demio Webinar Platform

Demio Webinar Platform

a. Trigger when new registrant added to webinar
b. Trigger when someone joins (attends webinar)

a. Add new registrant to webinar

Use case:
Connecting my webinar events to my CRM. Demio is a leader in the webinar space. They have some of the highest reviews amongst the webinar platforms. They always appear on the top 10 lists of webinar platforms. However, to run sms even reminders and robust email communication marketers need to connect Demio to their CRM platform.

Here is a link to the Demio API documentaion:

Here is a link to the Demio website:

After reviewing the API documentation I do not see how to trigger based on new event registrants. However, somehow Zapier is able to do this. It seems to me like a critical feature.