DeepL translation

Hi support team,

Can you guys guide me what the process will look like if I want to translate some pages from English to French and post on Wordpress? Thanks

Is anyon going to answer this?

Hi @usman.aqeel

Did you face any issue while trying to use DeepL Piece? Is there anything specific question / screenshot or anything that we can start.

Hi @usman.aqeel

As abuaboud mentioned, you can use the DeepL piece or the OpenAI piece for translation (ChatGPT can be used for translation).

A side note: This is a community space to discuss how we all use Activepieces, so it’s more that you’re posting in a community than contacting our support team. There is no guarantee that you get replies, but you can always use the search function to find similar topics that can inspire/help you with your goals.

Yeah, I see. So, is there no way to contact the support team then?

I’m just not sure how to make it all work together from DeepL translation till posting on Wordpress, I will see some tutorials. I thought there was a support who could guide me in setting it up. Probably not.

There is no dedicated support, but we support our users as much as we can here. Did you create your initial flow? If you want, tell us what you want your flow to be about and we can suggest steps.

Hi @ashrafsam

So, I want to take English content from a website, translate it into Spanish, and then publish it on the same website hosted on WordPress with proper URL structure, etc.