Date Format misformatting the time

I’m trying to format the date in Activepieces (see image below) pulled from Calendly (see “CALENDLY PULLED CODE” below) so it spits out into Slack the time in Eastern time. But it doesn’t seem to be working. 10 AM Mountain time should be noon Eastern time, but it says 11 ET (see “SLACK OUTPUT” below).

Could it be that Activepieces doesn’t account for daylight savings properly or that the system might be using standard time instead of daylight saving time for one of the time zones?

How might I fix this?

Many thanks for your help :pray:

:bust_in_silhouette: Name: Test Non-Medical 10 AM MT
:calendar: Event Date & Time: March 18 2024 11:00 Eastern Time


“event”: “invitee.created”,
“payload”: {
“uri”: “[REDACTED]”,
“name”: “Test Non-Medical 10 AM MT”,
“email”: “[REDACTED]”,
“event”: “[REDACTED]”,
“status”: “active”,
“no_show”: null,
“payment”: null,
“timezone”: “America/Denver”,
“tracking”: {
“utm_term”: null,
“utm_medium”: null,
“utm_source”: null,
“utm_content”: null,
“utm_campaign”: null,
“salesforce_uuid”: null
“last_name”: “10 AM MT”,
“cancel_url”: “[REDACTED]”,
“created_at”: “2024-03-04T21:42:07.254065Z”,
“first_name”: “Test Non-Medical”,
“updated_at”: “2024-03-04T21:42:07.254065Z”,
“new_invitee”: null,
“old_invitee”: null,
“rescheduled”: false,
“reconfirmation”: null,
“reschedule_url”: “[REDACTED]”,
“scheduled_event”: {
“uri”: “[REDACTED]”,
“name”: “Initial Strategy Session with Lydia Diaz”,
“status”: “active”,
“end_time”: “2024-03-18T16:30:00.000000Z”,
“location”: {
“type”: “google_conference”,
“status”: “processing”,
“join_url”: “[REDACTED]”
“created_at”: “2024-03-04T21:42:07.227115Z”,
“event_type”: “[REDACTED]”,
“start_time”: “2024-03-18T16:00:00.000000Z”,
“updated_at”: “2024-03-04T21:42:07.227115Z”,
“event_guests”: ,
“invitees_counter”: {
“limit”: 1,
“total”: 1,
“active”: 1
“event_memberships”: [
“user”: “[REDACTED]”,
“user_name”: “[REDACTED]”,
“user_email”: “[REDACTED]”
“scheduling_method”: null,
“invitee_scheduled_by”: “[REDACTED]”,
“text_reminder_number”: null,
“questions_and_answers”: [
“answer”: “[REDACTED]”,
“position”: 0,
“question”: “Phone Number”
“answer”: “[REDACTED]”,
“position”: 1,
“question”: “Website URL”
“answer”: “Owner”,
“position”: 2,
“question”: “Your job position (ex: CEO)”
“answer”: “2-10 employees”,
“position”: 3,
“question”: “How many people work at your company?”
“answer”: “PPC (Google Ads)\nSEO (Search Engine Optimization)\nGrowing”,
“position”: 4,
“question”: “Marketing Services Interested In”
“routing_form_submission”: null
“created_at”: “2024-03-04T21:42:08.000000Z”,
“created_by”: “[REDACTED]”

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