📊 Data Summarizer Piece

We’re excited to announce a new utility tool: the Data Summarizer. This pieces includes four essential actions:

  1. :1234: Count Uniques: This action counts the number of unique items in a list. For lists containing objects, specific fields can be designated to filter and count unique entries, providing flexibility and precision in your analysis.

  2. :chart_with_downwards_trend: Min and Max: Identify the minimum and maximum values within your numerical data. This action is perfect for quickly understanding the range and extremes of your dataset.

  3. :heavy_plus_sign: Calculate Sum: Sum up all elements in your numerical array to get a total value. This action is ideal for financial data, sales figures, or any other numerical dataset requiring a total count.

  4. :bar_chart: Calculate Average: Determine the average of all elements in your numerical array. Use this action to gain insights into the central tendency of your data, whether it’s for performance metrics, survey results, or other numerical information.

Check the details here: Data Summarizer · Activepieces

Happy automating!


good news, just wanr to say that piece appear in the “App category” instead of “core category” on the platform

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Hi @Stephane_Leforestier

Good catch, @tahboubali modified it :smiley:

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