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Trying to update a task that I get from Moxie task update via Custom API call. I have limited understanding of APIs let alone custom api call. looked up some stuff. But cant seem to get it to work. Can someone guide me where I should be putting what .

I have tried to put the task is at the end of the URL but that didn’t work either. Any help appreciated.

Thanks :pray:

I guess I need help from you guys @abuaboud @kishanprmr

Hello @anilerkan ,

You need to add the task_id to the URL, for example, Is there any common field for tasks in Moxie CRM and Todoist that you are using to identify tasks?

yes . I actually did that by adding the task id to the end of the url. I’ll do it and resend the screenshot here

THis is the error . And you can also see how I did the URL. @kishanprmr

Anybody to guide me ? Please :pray:t2:

You are providing task ID of Moxie CRM for Todoist API. but currently, there is no direct link between these two IDs. To identify the Todoist task associated with a Moxie CRM task, an additional step is needed to search for the Todoist task. This step will provide the relevant Todoist task ID, which can then be used for updating the task. While there are no actions available for searching tasks at the moment, I will include these in the roadmap. In the meantime, you can utilize a custom API for this purpose.

If the Moxie CRM task and the Todoist task share the same title, you can utilize the following step to search tasks:

Here, I’m searching for a task with the title “First Task,” and it returns the related task with its ID. This ID can be utilized in the subsequent “Update Task” step.

Let me know if you face any error with this.


Thank you @kishanprmr That was indeed very helpful. I was able to get the task Id and make it find the task. The priority updates but the due date doesn’t update. Which is lost to me why one would update and the other would not. Here are the screenshots. This is the original task.

Thereafter I edited the task priority and due date. Due date was made 31/5/2024 and priority was made 4.

The priority updated but the date stayed the same.

This is how it looks in AP

as you can see the last action get the due date as 31/5/2024 but doesnt update it.

@anilerkan ,

Please pass the due date as due_date (instead of dueDate) in the query parameters; that’s the correct field for updating a task.

Thank you @kishanprmr It works now. Just out of curiosity . due_date isn’t written anywhere where did you catch that?

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It’s in Todoist API documentation. There are predefined JSON body params for update task endpoint.

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