Creating New Gmail Connection with ClientID and ClientSecret?

I want to create a “New Gmail Connection” with ClientID and ClientSecret

But I could not find any help/info about how to go about with the ClientID and ClientSecret.
Has anyone tried this. Please let me know how to go about with this.

I think I have had to do this for connecting Gmail to websites using an SMTP plugin. This site has a great tutorial on how to set up Gmail as a web app (which is what you do to get the Client ID and Client Secret)

You can check it out here.

Hello @startuphosting2015 ,

We have the OAuth2 credentials step for Gmail (Developer Edition). You can utilize these steps to generate a Client ID and Client Secret for Gmail integration. Below are the details

  1. Sign in to Google Cloud Console.
  2. Create a new project or you can use existing one.
  3. Go to APIs & Services and click Enable APIs & Services.
  4. Search for Gmail API in the search bar and enable it.
  5. Go to OAuth consent screen and select External type and click create.
  6. Fill App Name, User Support Email, and Developer Contact Information. Click on the Save and Continue button.
  7. Click on Add or Remove Scopes and add following scopes and click update.
  8. Click Save and Continue to finish the Scopes step.
  9. Click on the Add Users button and add a test email You can add your own email).Then finally click Save and Continue to finish the Test Users portion.
  10. Go to Credentials. Click on the Create Credentials button and select the OAuth client ID option.
  11. Select the application type as Web Application and fill the Name field.
  12. Add in Authorized redirect URIs field, and click on the Create button.
  13. Copy Client ID and Client Secret.
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Thanks for this information… :slight_smile: