Creating multiple social media posts in separate rows in CSV or Google Sheet

Is it possible for a step to Ask Chat GPT to generate multiple social media posts and place each post in a separate new row in CSV file?

The simple flow would be:

  1. Google Sheets - new row trigger
  2. Chat GPT - 5* social media posts (*or as many as required)
  3. CSV - new row for each social media post generated in step 2 OR
    Google Sheet - new row for each social media post generated in step 2

At the moment, I can only get all 5 posts dropped into one cell on a Google Sheet

Hi @kjwatson58 and welcome to our community!

Can you elaborate more on the business case behind this? Are you generating posts for the same social media channel? Same idea or a different one?

I’m wondering why you’d do this in one run rather than running the flow multiple times to do it, so I need more context in order to help with it.

I’m not an expert, which is why I thought Activepieces would be a good fit for me. The output I’m seeking is to have multiple rows on a CSV (or Google Sheet) created by one trigger. In this case, it’s multiple social media posts (single or multiple channels - but that might complicate things!), but it could equally be other multiple outputs from a single trigger - from idea to multiple use. If that doesn’t clear it up, then no worries.


I haven’t tried, but I am assuming as you are using New Row, you are entering something into the sheet to trigger the action that creates the social media posts; if this is the case, you would be better off just asking Gpt to create 1 social media post, and it will do so for each row in the sheet. Without knowing your input, it is hard to say; I gather you are creating 5 varying posts for one topic/title/company. If that is the case, you could still do that by just entering the same value in 5 different rows, and gpt should be smart enough to make them unique for each time (depending on your gpt settings).

Another possible approach might be to ask Gpt to either output the results as a table, as CSV or even as JSON so that each output it creates would be on a separate row (if using JSON, you could use the built-in action to convert the JSON back to CSV), as Google sheets (and excel) use CSV to format data into cells/rows this might give you the output you desire on separate rows. However, at this point, it is just theoretical thinking. I have not tried, so I cannot guarantee a working result for you.

In any case, it should give you something to think about. I hope this is helpful in some way.

Kind regards.

I recommend the following:

  • On Google Sheets → New Row.
  • Generate the post with ChatGPT.
  • Insert the result to another sheet with Google Sheets → Insert Row.

If you get this to work, maybe you can start building on top of it. Does the suggestion make sense to you?


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