Creating connection API and Active Pieces

I want to create a flow that automaticly post blogpost on a wix website.
I have found the Wix API but have no experience coding in Active Pieces. Does someone feel like helping me creating this connection in Active Pieces?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @Media_Moens,

The Wix documentation you provided gives a good understanding of the data structure for creating a draft post. I’ll guide you through the process.

  1. Preparation:
    Ensure you’ve set up the necessary API access on Wix. They will typically require you to generate an API key or token for authentication.

  2. Setting Up the HTTP Block:
    a. Method: Set it to POST (as specified by Wix’s documentation for creating a blog post).
    b. URL: Enter the endpoint URL provided by Wix for creating a blog post. (
    c. Headers: This is where you would add any necessary headers for the request, such as Authorization (for your API key or token) and Content-Type set to application/json.
    d. Query params: Unless Wix requires specific query parameters for creating a blog post, you can leave this blank or add the necessary parameters.
    e. Body: This is where you structure your request payload. Based on the example you’ve given, it would look something like this:

  "draftPost": {
    "title": "Your Blog Post Title Here",
    "featured": false,
    "language": "en",
    ... (other necessary attributes)
  1. Next Steps: Depending on the response from Wix, you can add further actions. For example, if the post was successful, you could send a notification, log the action, or perform other automated tasks.

This is the entire example that is given on Wix’ documentation page for creating a Draft Post, which should give you a good understanding of what fields to add:

  "draftPost": {
    "id": "448d1238-0072-4458-a280-bf81c2dd8af1",
    "title": "Places to visit in europe",
    "featured": false,
    "categoryIds": [],
    "memberId": "2d24cb8a-adcc-466a-ab59-fa74e0889a39",
    "hashtags": [],
    "commentingEnabled": true,
    "minutesToRead": 0,
    "tagIds": [],
    "relatedPostIds": [],
    "pricingPlanIds": [],
    "language": "en",
    "changeOrigin": "AUTO_SAVE",
    "contentId": "622f285f7952527f485bc138",
    "editingSessionId": "0aca7f65-1237-482e-bf51-6d14102ee691",
    "status": "UNPUBLISHED",
    "mostRecentContributorId": "2d24cb8a-adcc-466a-ab59-fa74e0889a37",
    "hasUnpublishedChanges": true,
    "editedDate": "2022-03-14T11:34:55.121Z",
    "seoData": {
      "tags": []
    "seoShowInSearch": true,
    "seoShowSnippetInSearch": true,
    "slugs": [],
    "createdDate": "2022-03-14T11:34:55.121Z"

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