Created a flow, now what?

Hey everyone. I found someones ChatGPT to WordPress blog post automation flow, imported it and modified it to my needs. I did test on the flow and all looks good. I published it and it’s been 3 days and no posts on my site. Not sure what I am missing?


Hi Chris_Green,

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Let’s troubleshoot this step by step.

  1. Trigger Check: Ensure that the trigger for your flow is correctly set up.

  2. Logs: ActivePieces has logs for each flow run. Check there to see if the flow has been triggered at all and if there were any errors.

  3. Connection with WordPress: Double-check that your WordPress connection is active and working properly. It’s possible that there might be an authentication issue or API changes that caused a disconnection.

  4. Flow Steps: Sometimes, one step in the flow might not be configured correctly, causing the entire flow to halt. Review each step and ensure that it’s doing what you intend it to do.

  5. WordPress Post Settings: Ensure that the posts are not being saved as drafts or being scheduled for a future date on WordPress.

Lastly, if you can share more details or screenshots (ensure no sensitive information is shared) about your flow setup, the community might be able to pinpoint the issue faster.

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Hi Dennis,

Thank you for your help!

I went through the flow and the email portion of it was failed. I fixed that and now I get all green check marks. I did get an email notification that a blog post was published and waiting for my review however, I don’t see anything yet. I am running Hide My WP security plugin and thought for sure that would give issues but I supplied the path to the new signed in page “\ghost-login” and the flow gives me green check marks so assuming it’s working.

Then again nothing has posted to my site yet. How do I check the triggers and see the logs?

Thanks again for the help.

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