Created 5 chatgpt WordPress tags

Created 5 chatgpt WordPress tags
An error occurs when I put it in a WordPress tag.
Is there a solution?

Invalid parameter: tags

Hey @lsk7209,

To assist you better, could you provide a bit more detail about the issue you’re encountering? It would be particularly helpful if you could:

  1. Elaborate on the Error: Describe when and where the error occurs, and if there are any specific steps leading up to it.
  2. Share Screenshots: Images of your ActivePieces flow, especially where you’re adding the tags, might offer more clarity.
  3. Provide Logs: If there are any error logs available, those can be very insightful.

The more information we have, the better the community can assist you!

Invalid parameter tags
tags[0] is not of type integer

Hey @lsk7209,

Thank you for sharing the screenshots. It provides more clarity on the issue.

  1. Error Message Analysis: Based on the error message you’ve shared, WordPress seems to expect an integer value for the tags[0]. This likely means WordPress wants tag IDs instead of tag names or strings.

  2. Potential Solution: You might consider defining your tags ahead of time in WordPress. Once done, you can fetch their corresponding IDs. When using ChatGPT or any automation tool like ActivePieces, you’d reference these tag IDs rather than using dynamically generated strings. This ensures that the input is always in the expected integer format.

  3. Implementation: One way to implement this would be to maintain a list of potential tags (defined in WordPress) with their associated IDs. When using ChatGPT, let it select tags based on the context or criteria you set. Afterwards, in your ActivePieces workflow, map the chosen tags back to their respective WordPress IDs.

Let’s hope this solution will work.


Great idea from Dennis. I’m not sure how technical you are.

But not technical:
Download the Reveal ID’s plug-in Reveal IDs – WordPress plugin | this will provide a column in WP with the id’s so you can find them.

Another solution might be and HTTP request. To get all the Tags + ID. HTTPS:// authorization is BASE64 “username:password” via Basic Authentication. That should get you all the tags too

Another way could be in WP where you go to the Tags page and click on a tag. In the URL of the page there is a number which is the ID.

Also please keep in mind that your tags have to be created first in WP to have the ID’s available

Good luck

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