Create Zoom Meeting - Audio Type Missing

The Create Zoom Meeting piece does not have a setting for audio type, it defaults to phone only. We need options to change so that we can choose the type of audio session we need.

It is defaulting to Telephony which is Telephone.

"settings": {
    "audio": "telephony",

We need these Audio options in the piece.


"audio": "telephony"

Computer Audio Only This should be the default setting

"audio": "voip"

Telephone and Computer Audio

"audio": "both"

3rd Party Audio

"audio": "thirdParty", // For 3rd Party Audio
"third_party_audio": ""

If someone can help do that it would be an amazing help.

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Do you know if this will be looked at?

Any updates for this?

Is this resolved . I have created a flow which will watch tidycal booking and then create a zoom meeting based on the booking details and send the confirmation mail . Everything works but when i start the meeting , I could see audio is missing .Please look at the screenshot for the error details .Can someone please help on this . Thanks

Screen Shot 2024-07-02 at 9.50.07 PM

This is still not resolved, currently, you need to log into your zoom dashboard and edit the meeting once its been created to add back computer audio… Super annoying right now.

I have the same Tidaycal workflow as you.

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Thanks for the the response .This problem involves the necessity to manually add back computer audio to meetings after they have been created that really hard to handle. Could anyone please prioritize this bug and provide an update on when we can expect a resolution? Your prompt attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.

@abuaboud any eyes on this?